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Areas of Focus

Life Transitions

Whether it be a big move, graduation, the start of your next adventure, an ending of a relationship, and so-on; sometimes we need a little help in sorting through the "next step." Whether you have decided the next step or looking to figure out what's next, I can help you to sort through all these changes (or upcoming changes) to settle back into a place where you feel grounded again. 


You worry abut everything! What comes next? What if I fail? THAT thing is going to be awful! What if everything goes completely wrong? 

Let me let you in on a little secret: I have played the "what if" game, and believe me there are no winners there! (Seriously when was the last time you had the thought "what if everything goes right?")

I can help you set up the conditions, so when you do start to play those mental gymnastics you have the tools to SHUT IT DOWN, before we arrive at the worst case "what if" and the anxiety has taken over your hour, day, week, etc.  

Self Esteem 

You're checking all the boxes (or not), doing all the things you need to do to get by, yet still something is missing. Even though you are meeting the deadlines, paying the bills, passing the class, achieving the thing; you STILL feel like you are failing at life. You push yourself so hard, but feel like you can never do enough. And sometimes you just feel so overwhelmed by it all and tired from all the trying, you just want to give up (or you do!) 

Let me help youth into your full potential. Help you to celebrate the successes that you wrk so hard for & shut down that self doubt that sneaks in.

Services Offered & Fees

Image by Alexander Andrews

15 min phone consultation


Curious about therapy and think we would be a good fit? Give me a call to begin to chat a bit, ask questions, and set up an appointment.

Psychologist Session

Initial Appointment

$150                          60-75 minute

This session is our first chance to get to know each other and for you to start to feel comfortable with the therapeutic process. We will cover ALOT of information including your background, what is bringing you to therapy, and what you would like to get out of coming. 

Happy Teens

Individual Counseling

$120                          50 minutes

Weekly or bi-weekly one-on-one sessions. This process looks a little different for everyone based on individual needs throughout the therapuatic process.

Group Portrait of Queer Friends

Immigration Evaluations

Due to individual needs of each case  this price varies. The cost for evaluation services will fall between $750-1000 per case based on your specific needs. This includes 3-4 hours of in-person interviews with the client and/or their family members, additional time spent researching relevant case information, and the creation of extensive full report. Please call to inquire pricing for your specific case needs. Note: If clinician is needed to appear in court additional cost will be required based on your needs. 

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