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Frequently Ask Questions

I am currently paneled with Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance. If you have another form of insurance, I would be happy to provide you with a bill of service to submit to your insurance for possible reimbursement. You can check with your insurance company to see if your plan includes out-of-network coverage by them directly.

For more information about my fees  

How long does therapy last?

This is a really great question and unfortunately I don't have a clear and consistent answer. The length of therapy depends entirely on the individual seeking out services and their unique needs. Sometimes therapy can be resolved within a few months and others may choose to stick with therapy for years. However, I will work with you to clear up whatever you bring to the table at a rate that works for you! 

Do you assign "homework"?

Although, I am not a fan of the word "homework" flashback to hours of school work after the many hours of being in school all day- yuck!! the majority of the work that goes on in therapy, happens outside of the office.  This is due to a few reasons.


1) Just like with any new skill, in order to put the new tools we are working on into action when we most need them,  we have to practice them! 

2) Often when we process what has previously happened in therapy have a slightly different perspective than when we were in that moment, therefore we may have tapped into different tools to cope. Not that these tools are "wrong or bad," they just may not be the most effective. We want to work together to decided which tools are gonna be the most effective for you IN THE MOMENT you need them, not just after the fact.

3) On average, we only see each other about 1 hour every week or every other week. There are 167 additional hours each week... and that is where the REAL LIFE is happening. 

So in sum, I may ask you to practice what we have discussed in session outside of our sessions together. This does not mean every week, but in order to make progress on your individual goals, we've got to take some action steps outside in the real world.


And if you forget/don't do it/something comes up/etc.... THAT IS OK!!! You are not in any trouble for not practicing and we will try to make a plan to address what got in the way!!! 

Can I contact you after hours?

 i.e. 2am on a Tuesday, New Years Day (or any holiday), 10:53 am on Sunday, etc.

Although, you are free to contact me at anytime, I may not respond until typical business hours and I ask that you save most relevant questions, concerns, etc. for our scheduled therapy sessions. I am not only serious about building a balance of self care for you, I am  also very serious about mine as well. I use the time outside of the office for myself to recharge and connect with my life so that I can show up and be an effective therapist for you in the office. Believe me- it's better this way! 

If you have an urgent question or concern between sessions, feel free to reach out and let me know. Again, I ask that you limit what is shared outside of the office (over the phone, in an email, etc.) to the minimum for privacy purposes. 


Contact local emergency services, 9-1-1, or go to the nearest emergency services immediately and/or refer to your individualized crisis/safety plan. I do not provide after hours crisis management services.

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