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Therapy For Teens & Young Adults 

Has life been more difficult and not as straight forward as you thought it would be? You work hard to find a balance in your life, but between your social life, work or school, sleep, homework, and the never-ending to do list you just can't seem to fit it all in. Up until this point you have had an idea about what your next steps will be, but you're feeling a little lost. What comes next?

Hi! I'm Lauren and I enjoy helping teen and young adult women sort through what life has thrown at them in order to find their path. I help to inspire you to work with the tools that you already possess to establish a more fulfilling life. 


Lauren Skinner

I have experience working in inpatient facilities, outpatient clinic, residential treatment programs, and in private practice with depression, anxiety, relational & family issues, and life transitions. I work best with teenagers and young adults who are looking for help managing stress,  going through or preparing for transitions, and finding themselves. I find that most often you hold the power to making these decisions, but this gets lost with the fast pace of life we are often leading. I use a holistic approach to help identify and work through the obstacles that may be preventing you from reaching your goals and living a life that feels authentic and fulfilling. My approach is heavily rooted in mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy, and humanistic theory with elements of acceptance and commitment therapy.


People just don't seem to get it. Juggling school, friendships, relationships, and social media, while thinking about what to do next is HARD! Sometimes you just aren't really sure who you even are and the person you would like to become. 


You did the college thing (or not) and are just not sure what the next steps to take are in your life. You thought you had an idea of what you wanted to do when you "grew up," but life has not turned out how you thought it would.  Who thought this adulting thing was a good idea anyway? 


Are you petitioning to become a citizen of the United States? Has your lawyer recommended you seek out an evaluation to potentially aid your case. I provided immigration evaluations including VAWA, Asylum, hardship evaluations, & U-Visa. 

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